Living a Bigger Life

There is nothing like a coaching conference to kickstart the voices in your head to say: "you are not doing enough" or "you are playing small." The first day the at the CTI Global Co-Active Summit I found myself feeling defeated. It seemed everyone else had made a better seminar choice and was more plugged into their life purpose. The amount of energy in the room was so supercharged that it made it difficult to find my emotional bearings. Poppies along a vineyard walk in Napa.

The second day I chose a different seminar--one that serves my personal growth, not my business. I went to Rick Tamlyn's workshop "Play Your Bigger Game". We made a giant game board on the floor and we looked at the squares, such as "comfort zones" or "assess" or "gulp" with "bold action" in the middle. It served as a metaphor for life. Rick's objective was to teach us all how to keep moving around the board and take more bold actions. It is a great seminar and I could share a lot more about his really great insights. My main insight: I am already playing a big game.

Huh. (some of you may be saying Duh!)

So, besides telling my voices to be quiet, I also need to ignore the teachers and writers who are pulling me towards doing. Tevis tells me I have reached the "Elder" stage. He is right. I want to a being who does some stuff.  Through conversations with tribemates Connie and Christie and reflection, I realized that I am right where I need to be with work, and my kids. One gift I want to be more intentional about is "agent".  I get excited when I can connect people and resources to help someone's dream come alive.

One of the keynote speakers Dave Logan, co-author of Tribal Leadership, talked about the strength and value of triads in relationship, and he showed us how to listen carefully to what someone says and map the good/bad words to determine their values. Then we can connect with them and connect them to others through their values. I am going to play with these ideas in my role as an agent.

I had a chance to practice it right in the moment as Tevis introduced me to Mai Vang. He thought we had a lot in common and that I could encourage Mai as she develops her leadership skills. We met for coffee and I felt supercharged. More about his later.

I recommend watching Dave Logan's Ted Talk on tribal leadership, AND what I really want to leave you with is a hugely inspirational video by Rick Tamlyn.