So Sad, So Thankful

This week provided a lot to celebrate with a giant emotional pothole in the middle. Is this not the way life deals cards?  Face cards with a joker. Radar, greatest watch dog ever

Tevis was in Boston to launch the second Massive Open On-line Course for the Learning by Giving Foundation. (If you haven't done the course yet it is a little more than an hour a week and you learn a bunch about your own giving, and it is fun. Sign up.)  Marcos continued to advance in his training to become a commercial pilot. Sarah Harriet got the call that she was selected for a new job with the CalPers Investment Board. And Metropolitan Water District renewed my contract for three years.

On Wednesday I made the decision to call the mobile veterinarian and he came to my home and agreed to put Radar down. After 13 years of love and friendship, it was so hard to say goodbye. I gave myself time to grieve and I needed it. Sarah Harriet was a great comfort. So was Tevis' puppy Dozer. I am still feeling waves of sadness.

Tonight Tevis, Marcos and Sarah will join me for dinner and we will toast their accomplishments and have a wake for Radar. As so many people shared on facebook: He was a really good dog.