What Terrific Parents Look Like

Brian and Gigi Johnson are not blurry in real life. My bad. Brian and Gigi Johnson and I have been friends since University. Gigi Fairchild met Brian Johnson at USC and they have each pursued an adventurous life while parenting three delightful children. The children are almost grown now and the youngest daughter is on a robotics competitive team. I thought taking snack to a soccer game was supportive. Gigi (in the dragon costume) and Brian (in pageboy costume) take parental support to a whole new level.

The FTC Robotics West Super-Regional Tournament is wrapping up at McClellan Community Center today in Sacramento. Gigi and Brian chaperone an all female squad called The Kings And Queens Team 4625. Competition is fierce among the best teams from 12 western states and Alaska. The team did well--placing 10th out of 70 teams and invited to join an alliance with the second place team. I will have breakfast with the Johnsons tomorrow when they stop in Davis for their son Evan to check out campus before heading home. I will learn if the K&QTeam4625 won a prize that qualifies them for the World Championship in St Louis next month.

Gigi and Brian share the common parent's dilemma. Do you root for your son to make the Little League All Stars knowing that it will mess up your summer vacation plans? Do you hope your daughter's team wins the game that means you stay till the bitter end of the tournament? Or in this case, do you hope for a good finish just short of going on to the world championship so you are done fundraising, and your students can focus on their Advanced Placement tests.  Whatever the outcome, be sure that Gigi and Brian will continue to be terrific parents.