Recalibrating in Queenstown

Can you spot the rainbow? I had high expectations for Queenstown on South Island. Even so I cannot stop gaping at the beauty. So glad that it is only 1,013 feet above sea level. (Seems like every other visit to an alpine lake has been accompanied by altitude sickness.) I could just keep taking pictures all day from my window as the light and window keep changing. The mountain range is aptly named "The Remarkables" and they all look photoshopped. The quality of the air and water are so pure and fresh and clean. It is rejuvenating.

I so needed this refreshment. This holiday is a break in work. Although because I brought my Mom and her two friends Lisa and Nancy it has not been restful, until now. I was the only driver, and they thought of me as their tour guide. Here in Queenstown there is a little more space to relax and let RealJourneys take charge of their days.

Visiting New Zealand is always a touchstone to my redesign. I was driving around the East Bays from Parnell on the first day in Auckland and I started to cry it was so beautiful. Also so bittersweet. I love to reconnect with my friends and it reminds me that I am not living here.

My work-life balance got a bit wobbly in January and the first half of February as I worked so many hours. The money is great and the work is meaningful, yet some of my physical stress-related symptoms returned (from Housing California days). Time to rebalance, recommit to my redesign and begin again.

I also teamed up with Sarah (with a design assist from Marcos) to help me with some of the blog housekeeping.  I love what they have done to the site. It has also been refreshed.

Finally, traveling with three 78/79 year old women who have a variety of health challenges has shaken me up. I am going to buy a stand-up desk like I saw at Google so I sit less. And I am going to ride my bike even more. I saw a Twitter post from NPR that said there is a strong correlation between number of hours sitting and likelihood of disability (even if you exercise everyday).  I am so thankful for this time to do a little course correct. And breath in the amazing molecules that make up Queenstown.  I am truly blessed.