Evenstar Little Library Experiment

The idea for a community library box started in the fertile field of reading about someone else’s library box in the newspaper. Then a seed was planted when I received some books from Mr. Adan and bought some too. This led to a bookshelf purge of books I have read or never intend to read. I also have a lot of magazines that I have been recycling to a hospital via a friend that I can add. In laundry room against the sliding glass doors leading out to the clotheslines.

It seemed simple enough: buy an inexpensive shelving unit, register my books with Bookcrossing, put all in community laundry room in my complex and see what happens.  I spent $22 at Target on the build-your-own wire basket unit and only used half of it. (Room for expansion.) In about 2 hours I had everything done and installed in the laundry.

I went online to see if there is a website for small community libraries. Of course there is: Little Free Library.org. On the “getting started” page they encourage me to write a press release, get family and friends involved and fundraise for the $34.95 to register my little library.  Um, no thanks. The final step they suggest is a celebration for the opening of the library. Now that I can possibly embrace.

When I moved in I imagined hosting a kube party and other celebrations.  Until  I met everyone and realized how disparate and busy my neighbors are. Maybe my urge to create this library is an opportunity to give the community party a try. Plus I have been wanting to bake the Smitten Kitchen’s slab apple pie.

There are 10 apartment homes that use the laundry room on a regular basis. One unit is empty. I have met all but 1 person who lives here and regularly speak to 5 of my neighbors. Next weekend I have time to make the pie and host a Sunday afternoon celebration.  I can invite everyone for a slice of pie and ask them to bring a used book or magazine or video to share with the library. Then see what happens. I will keep you posted.