Sandhill Crane Silliness on Halloween

Greater Sandhill Crane and chick; Cranes use the Delta for foraging over winter and breed in the Klamath Basin. Every other week I participate in an internal strategy meeting for conserving Greater Sandhill Crane habitat in the Delta. When we realized that our next meeting fell on Halloween, someone joked that we should dress up as Sandhill Cranes.  That inspired me to do a little sewing.  Looking at Google images of the Greater Sandhill Crane I decided to make a gray hood and attach a red mask.  Sarah Harriet gave me the brilliant suggestion to use party hats for the beaks since the elastic strap is already attached.

My colleagues and me dressed as Greater Sandhill Cranes.

They turned out to be fun to sew. The biggest challenge was shopping in the pre-Halloween crush at Jo-ann's Fabrics.

Sandhill Cranes eat small rodents and grains. They love corn. I dug out my recipe for candy corn cookies and enjoyed making them last night. Then I got up early this morning after the dough chilled overnight to bake several dozen "kernels".

Layer sugar cookie dough in bread pan and then slice into kernels.

My colleagues enjoyed the costumes and corn. My colleague Cassandra was especially tickled and wore her costume to another meeting later in the day.  I've never been a fan of Halloween. This year it did offer an opportunity for some creative fun and team building. Candy Corn cookies

Enthusiastic Cassandra as a Crane

Nancy as a Crane participating in meeting.