Shaking it off.

Stay and recover in an ocean that always has sharks. I am feeling much better than in my last post.  I had to work hard to "stay and recover" and some of the stuff I tried was mainly a diversion from experiencing my feelings. One of the things that helped the most: chatting on-line with my friend Mara and rewriting the story I was telling myself. I went from body surfer who needed a lifeguard, to body-surfer who needed to take a break on my boogie board before going at it again.  Then I read Annie Lamott's October 12 post on facebook.  I literally "shook it off" and felt much better.

The best cure of all was making a pre-reservation for a Trek Bicycle Tour during the Tour de France. Nothing perks me up more than travel planning.  Talking to Emily at Trek Tours in Madison, WI, I realized that 1) I have got to learn more about cycling and improve my skills; 2) to truly enjoy the trip I need to be more cycling fit; and 3) I have to know more than 24 phrases in French.

Serendipity strikes again. I fired up Wordpress and one of the bloggers I follow, Jackofalltrips, blogged on learning French in 30 days. And included this awesome Ted Talk by Matt Cutts.

What will you try for 30 days?