Fossicking in Trelise Cooper

UK Sarah and I are having a fab time in Wellington.  Our word for this trip is fossicking. (We also like seraphim, except that it is much harder to use.) To fossick is to search around or to rummage. We were on our way to the botanical garden via the cable car when we spied the Trelise Cooper dress shop. "Shall we go in now or on our way back?" Silly question. stunning dress and coat as you enter dress shop

UK Sarah is looking for a Mother of the Bride ensemble and likes this designer, so we decided to fossick awhile. We had an absolute blast. I helped her consider all sorts of possibilities.

Lovely outfit at store foyer

I browsed on the sale rack and then cheered Sarah on when she found the winning combination.

We are having such fun in Wellington and we still have the World of Wearable Art to experience.

Sarah with Penny and winning MOB dress and coat