Beautiful Summer's Morn

This morning is lovely: relatively cool, with the promise of a beautiful blue sky and sunshine.  I do not have meetings scheduled today so I could get up early and muck out my back garden.  It was very satisfying to clear out the volunteer squash plant with the mysterioso fruit that was taking over much of the garden.  

Before garden


This is my "before garden" even though it has been dramatically cleaned up since I moved in January.  I repurposed the stones to make a spiral leading to the busy bee drinking fountain. It is also sometimes used as a birdbath. I've planted a few plants and mostly been imagining what I want to do.  Even though I am a renter, I am going to spring for automatic watering system so I can travel and not have to hire a housesitter (Radar can stay with Sarah and Marcos).  

Radar and I sit on the patio listening to the birds after a refreshing stroll in the Village.  I realize that with Radar's advancing age that I have to stop calling what we do in the morning and evening a walk. He does not pull me along like he used to and he stops at every possible smell to investigate.

Which makes me think, while I am a huge fan of the Canadian show Heartland on Netflix (thanks for the recommendation Amber Quick), I question why the horses on that show are never trying to eat when they stop on a trail ride?  These horses are unlike any I know!

I digress, back to this summer's morn, Radar and I enjoy going down a certain path that is fiercely protected by a daddy Mockingbird who swoops and hollers at us for coming into his area. Thus demonstrating the folly of applying one species' psychology to another as I find the interaction charming and choose that path to check up on he and his family.

It is just 9:00 a.m. and I still have a good stretch of possibility for this morning.  I hope you take a moment and enjoy your morning too.