Viking Laws with some suggested updates

image I have been writing lots of blog posts in my journal and I am behind in posting them. To catch up I offer this early this morning:

From a postcard purchased at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo (a must see).

Viking Laws 1. Be Brave and Aggressive Be direct Grab all opportunities Use varying methods of attack Be versatile and agile Attack one target at a time Don't plan everything in detail Use top quality weapons (or technological tools) 2. Be Prepared Keep weapons (or tech equipment) in good condition Keep in shape Find good battle comrades Agree on important points Choose one chief 3. Be a Good Merchant Find out what the market needs Do not promise what you can't keep Do not demand overpayment Arrange things so you can return (do business another day) 4. Keep the Camp in Order Keep things tidy and organized Arrange enjoyable activities which strengthen the group Marke sure everybody does useful work Consult all members of the group for advice

Tevis and I really like this code.  The Vikings were highly successful for over 300 years. We feel like somehow these values were passed down in our DNA, even if our family were more likely farmers from the Lillehammer area in inland Norway (north of Oslo).