Needed a little magic this morning...

I have been in a funk for the past couple of days. I want to be more productive, more creative. Some kind of weight kept pulling me down. This morning I leashed Radar and headed out the door and began to try to imagine what my life would look like if I was more creative. A series of thoughts flitted through my mind and I realized that I am trying to rework too much at once: my eating, exercise and writing habits. I am making it all a lot of work. Instead I will live my life. I felt lighter. We continued our walk through the village and amused by the chickens I sat down on a bench to tweet. I heard it before I saw it: a Darth Vadar kind of breathing. Then it came into view. Hot air balloon over village green

Radar started grumbling at it. We could hear the pilots talking about where they wanted to land and Radar's hackles went up and he began barking. I thought they might land on the green but then they said they would land in the agricultural field beyond Russell Boulevard.

Radar and I followed the balloon as it disappeared over the housetops. And saw it land in the field behind my home.

Balloon landing in field


The wonder of this crazy form of transportation did the magic trick... I am energized and I am ready to be surprised and delighted.