The Joy of Saying No

For several weeks I have been considering taking on a second client and project. It is very flattering to be considered for a very responsible role as a communications director for a major water campaign. The additional income is also very attractive. A major down-side: it would push me to a full-time+ schedule and my personal projects and life-balance would suffer.My first gut reaction when I got the call asking me to come in for an interview was no. However, a few days later when I had the interview and I was not as tired from the Inauguration trip, I said I would consider it. And if the process had moved more swiftly I would probably already be working in the new role. With the passage of time I had the opportunity to consider it in light of my stake of redesigning my life. And then I got a call from the woman who would be my boss for the project. She called me just 4 days after a major car accident from her bed where she was ordered to stay flat for 2 weeks because she'd fractured her back. This didn't slow her down much. Over the weekend I mulled over her intensity and my willingness to match it. I acknowledged that I am not willing to do this anymore. Working through serious injury is not aligned with my stake! I also thought about what I would do with the extra money. My current contract will provide more than enough money to live on. The main things I thought of buying were all things that represented time. So why not cut out the middle man and refrain from selling my time in the first place? Finally I skyped with UK Sarah and she gave me the look that says, "Really? What are you thinking?" and I knew I was going to say no. As soon as I made that decision I got a surge of energy? What will this energy be directed toward? My writing, especially a penguin viewing guide for New Zealand, and my media company. Plus maintaining my balance and enjoying my new neighborhood in Davis.

Little Blue Penguins relaxing at Antarctica Centre in Christchurch, NZ