Welcome 2013

New Years Day, 2013 Last year was full of many, many good things. Many story arcs began and will conclude in 2013. Including, moving from Sarah's apartment in Selby Ranch to my own 2 bedroom place in Davis, California.  I already have the keys and will continue setting up my home this coming week.  Sarah is going to have primary custody of Chaplin and I will have primary custody of Radar.  When I go to the Inauguration, Radar will hang out with Sarah and Chaplin again.

Yes, another arc is going to the Presidential Inauguration in Washington, D.C. with a group of middle schoolers from Humboldt County (with Harriet and Brian).  I am very excited.  I look at it as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

My contract with Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is extended another year. I am looking forward, now that the holidays are over, to regaining some work/write balance and returning to some of my projects.  I have my mystery novel to finish.  I also wrote a short work of fiction that will soon be published.  I entered a 4000 word mystery to the Capitol Crimes chapter of Sisters in Crime and it has been selected for inclusion in their annual anthology.  I will need to polish it a bit more before the end of the month.  Finally, when I was in New Zealand I gathered the information and began writing a guide to penguin viewing in New Zealand.  I want to finish the outline and a few chapters and begin looking for an agent.

Lots of people extend their sympathy to me for wedding planning because my wonderful daughter Sarah is getting married in March.  I do not deserve their concern because Sarah and Marcos are planning everything.  I made my financial contribution and now I am enjoying their experience.  I am looking forward to the event itself and already I am getting nervous and emotional when I anticipate it.

I will be creating a new life in Davis and continuing the connection with Sacramento Friends Church. I will serve as Clerk of Monthly Meeting for 2013.  God willing, I will also do a few more first in a lifetime events:  Tour de France in Lyon in July and World of Wearable Art Show in Wellington in September.

I have much to look forward to this year.  My intention though is not to live in the future. Instead it is to be as present as possible: to enjoy where I am right now, right now. And experience God wherever God shows up.

Wishing you an inspiring year.