A Very Full Day

Friday was a very full day.  I worked in the morning and did a bit of shopping. Then in the afternoon I drove to Vallejo to the Blu Homes factory for a tour.  Blu Homes are green prefabricated homes of a very high quality.  The Breezeway designed by Michelle Kaufmann was the Sunset Home this year.  I have been reading lots of articles about them and I toured Michelle Kaufmann's house in the Chicago Science Museum a few years ago. My friend Dale had a brochure that intrigued even more. So I signed up for the factory tour. It was on Mare Island, the retired Naval Base.  It was my first visit to Mare Island and it was shockingly massive.  A lot of the buildings are falling down but it was easy to imagine what a hive of activity it must of been during World War II.  The factory is in an old warehouse on Nimitz Boulevard that built submarines during the war. The factory is a bigger version to Northern Ireland Habitat for Humanity's where they are pre-constructing frames or other parts of the home before taking it to the site.  The main difference is how much of the home if complete before they move it and the designed hinge system that allows them to move it without using a "wide-load."  The homes are impressive and look very comfortable and beautiful in their simplicity.

I also wanted to explore the feasibility of shipping these homes by container to Christchurch as part of the rebuild.  They do not fit into a container and they in the process of redesigning one model so it can be barged to Hawaii.  The extra transportation costs will add $100,000 to the costs.  The more likely scenario for New Zealand is to attract Blu Homes to create a factory there.

By this time I needed to drive to Davis to attend the Bucks for Ducks fundraiser for the Yolo Basin Foundation.  The Yolo Basin Foundation advocated for creating the Vic Fazio Yolo Wildlife Area in the Yolo Bypass and they run a very successful education program "Discover the Flyway" (Pacific Flyway).  It was a lot of fun and confirmed that moving to Davis is a good Plan B.

Pay attention is a useful motto.  I never know when something quirky or funny will happen. When it does, I do not want to miss it.  Case in point: as I drove to Davis I saw this on Interstate 80. The Oscar Meyer Wienermobile!

I always thought there would be a top bun.