Happiness Strikes a Chord

Yesterday I posted about positive intelligence and I received a lot of very lovely responses.  I want to share two here so everyone can experience these blessings too. First, from my Aunt Betty and her partner John:

Hi Julie,

    Betty and I just read your last post on "Where did September Go" and then I showed Betty this nice piece sent to me by one of my oldest friends. It has a special message which we hope you'll enjoy.

Plan to watch this on your computer..probably too large to appreciate on a cell phone enjoying a cuppa something is advised. It is delightful. It tickled me how the photographer showed clips of his hippie days and accomplishing his dream with so little $$.  The photography delighted me and listening to the old man at the end was so peaceful . Enjoy!

Then my friend Tyla told me about a documentary called Happy.  I watched on instant Netflix.  If you don't have Netflix, look for a 75 minute documentary released in 2011, not to be confused with a Norwegian drama or Happy Feet, etc.  It is worth the effort to find.

Keep sharing, I love it!  It makes me happy.