Douse yer head!

If you feel compelled to write something on facebook in ALL CAPS! Douse yer head. If you feel you must attack others or fudge the facts to make your point.  Douse your head.

If you cannot tell by my post here, I am just a little worn out by people who are running around like their hair is on fire.  Screaming (fill in the blank) and calling it "political participation" or "leadership".  And so before I go and douse my head in a bucket of cold water...

Quick update on my quest to move to New Zealand for a little longer:  NZ Immigration had another round of considering applications on July 25 and my points were not enough to get the invite to apply for the Work/Visa.  I am still stuck in the job offer conundrum.  Meanwhile my application stays in the pool for another round.  My current plan is to visit New Zealand before the end of the year and set up possible interviews for that period.  Then if I do spark some interest I have time between then and Sarah's wedding in March to apply for the work/visa and get my paperwork in order.

If I needed a reminder of why I like New Zealand, I have been getting one during these Olympics.  I do not have television cable service, so I get only snippets of Olympic coverage on  This has forced me to be creative.  I regularly check the New Zealand Herald for additional news.  Not only do the Kiwis celebrate every medal--no matter if it is Bronze, Silver or Gold--but they have their own kind of medal count.  Their medal race between countries is per capita, so they come out on top.  It is a quintessential Kiwi way of doing things--remaining humble while riffing on something tongue in cheek.

I also started participating in a writing group.  Max, Steve and Dave are quite serious about their writing and meet weekly.  I am excited and a little nervous about participating.  It is a wonderful motivator to work on my novel.  Lots more reading too.

Right now, in addition to reading Max and Steve's submissions, I am reading:

Robert Persig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Brene Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection

Billy Collins, Sailing Alone Around the Room:  New and Selected Poems

Susan Casey, The Wave

And watching a new season of Inspector Lewis (Masterpiece Mystery).

Also riding my bike on days when it is not over 100 degrees and dancing at Zumba a couple of times a week.  Work?  I refer to the top of my post (at least it pays well).