Kubb at Camp Mattole

You are probably scratching your head after my last post wondering "What in the world is Kubb?"  or "How do I play?"  I cannot describe it very well--I tried to explain to Tevis and finally said, "Wait until my video comes out." Here it is:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n78be1iBsGY&feature=plcp

It may not be enough to help you understand the rules.  For this I refer you to this funny video:


My friend Susie in Sweden says it is played frequently at BBQs and parties.   In the U.S. it is mainly played by hipsters (direct quote from Kate Bickford).  There is a national championship in Wisconsin (something to aspire to).

It is the perfect game for Independence Day parties like the one I am missing in McKinleyville today.  Happy Independence Day everyone.  Enjoy your freedom to whack the Kubb King without being arrested.