On the Move, Again

Sarah and I are moving to a new place.  We lost our roommate, so we decided to look for a place where Sarah and I can live with Radar and Chaplin until she and Marcos get married in March, 2013.  Then I will move on to... God only knows (literally). It was a year ago that I was frantically shedding stuff, packing and moving all of my stuff and Sarah's to this house in Tahoe Park.  Sarah had already started Bike & Build so she missed all the fun.  Since I gave away most of my belongings this move is comparatively very easy.  We are moving to a smaller place in a nicer neighborhood.  (Keep using the PO Box 191736 Sacramento CA 95819 address.)

The upheaval is challenging my sense of direction and purpose.  So instead of packing I am watching YouTube videos that are reconnecting me with my strong desire to live in New Zealand.  In case you still do not get what I love about this special place, please watch Exhibit A.  (and at the end you can click on Part II--I dare you to not cry during the dog food commercial!)


I also love this take on a pop song "Young, Wild & Free" called "We will always be Kiwi."  I showed it to Sarah and she said she didn't get a lot of the lyrics.  Here is my attempt at a transcription of the chorus.  Confession time: when I was in Jr. High I thought the lyrics to "do the hustle" was "tuna hot sauce", so I may not have it quite right.

So what we chill out

So what we love sheep 

We're just havin fun

And drink at 18 (?)

So what there's no jobs

You can all go to Oz-zie (Australia)

But we'll always be Kiwi.


My favorite shot is of the traffic cone on the top of the pine tree.

If it is possible to be homesick for somewhere that I only lived for 5 months, then I am definitely homesick.