Fight for Air Climb

I was fighting for my breath yesterday when we reached the roof of the Wells Fargo Building.  It took less than 15 minutes to climb 34 flights of stairs, but my heart was pounding and I was completely out of breath.  It was worth it.

Cameon Krotine joined Team Earhart and we met up in the lobby of the Wells Fargo building before the climb.  I am wearing the t-shirt that Brian Lovell and Harriet Watson made me to wear in memory of Harry Watson.  He was "one great guy" and unfortunately died of lung disease.

Here is the entire Team Earhart:  Captain Stephanie Yoder (center), Cameon, Kris, me, Sarah and Marcos.

Our team's name was called and we lined up to begin our climb.  First we stopped to write on a giant poster why we were climbing.

And then we waited our turn.  We were standing behind these two lovely and brave women.  I hope you can read the back of the t-shirt of the women on the right.

At last it was our turn.  We set off in pairs.  First Sarah and Marcos.  Then Cameon and me.  Then Stephanie and Kris.  Most of the way, this was our view.  Occasionally we were passed by firefighters in full gear going up for the 3rd time or by athletes racing to the top two steps at a time.

The volunteers at Lung Association put up lots of posters and "atta boys" along the way. Other volunteers offered water.  We knew we were near the top, and then Cameon grabbed my hand and pulled me up the last flight onto the roof.  What a great reward!  The views were beautiful.  None of us had seen Our Fair City from such a height.

Here is the beginning of the Bay Delta at Old Sacramento.

Thanks to everyone who supported us financially or with moral support.  It was a very worthwhile adventure.