Starting the adventure with a second blog

I am starting a second blog: This is my first post:

I am an avid tourist.  I have travelled the globe and had many adventures.  I frequently go to Napa or Point Reyes or Tahoe, but I am intimidated when it comes to entering the Bay Delta.  I remember my dear late friend David Elliot III telling me once about people getting so lost in the fog in the Delta that they would come to his doorstep near Walnut Grove desperate for directions and someone to guide them to safety.  This struck a chord with me because the network of levees and islands quickly confuses my internal GPS.

With my trusty Android smart phone I no longer have an excuse.  I also have a consulting firm and one of my largest contracts is working with the 5 Bay Delta counties for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.  So my job will take me into the Delta.  I also have an interest in comparing the tourism infrastructure and industry in places that market their natural environment, such as New Zealand and Norway, with that of the Bay Delta.

All of this I will share with you.