Short Clips

In the spirit of the upcoming Academy Awards, here are some short out-takes from my life. Moneyball:  I started my consulting company:  JA Spezia Consulting and my first regular client is Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.  They are eager for me to keep communication lines open with the five Delta counties mainly in aid of habitat restoration projects that are necessary to build a conveyance facility (subject of it's own blog, soon).

The Tree of Life:  Yesterday I joined over 20 other people at the Cooperative Extension center for a beginning class on beekeeping.  The instructor was very enthusiastic and everyone very keen.  I was probably the only participant who has not already ordered my bees and bought my starter kit.  Bees are a bit like a family pet and I do not want to get started with my own hive until I know where I will be living for a while.  So in the meantime I am going to buy the basic safety equipment and tools and help other beekeepers and keep taking classes.  I intend to one day have 2 stationary hives to do my bit for nature.  I will also be gifting lots of honey and wax candles!  (Look for another blog just on bees and why I am fascinated.)

Midnight in Paris:  What is one of the best things about Paris?  The bread.  I have been experimenting with the recipe from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day.  This is much easier than the sourdough recipe in The Tartine Bakery (a science experiment gone wrong!).  I got some good results including cream cheese and blackberry breakfast pizzas.  Then I decided to use King Arthur whole wheat flour instead of King Arthur unbleached white flour.   The whole chemistry changed and I need to keep experimenting.

Hugo:  If you have seen this beautiful movie you know that the young boy spends a lot of time running up and down stairs.  I have accepted the challenge of raising money for lung disease research and climbing the 34 flights of stairs in the Wells Fargo building on March 24.  I am climbing in memory of Harry Watson.  I have started going to parking garages to practice.  I need the exercise!  My level of activity since I moved home has fallen precipitously.

The Descendants:  One of the good things about being back in California is spending more time with family.  Mom and I have been trying to see as many of the Oscar nominated films /performances as we can before the ceremony.  We have seen Hugo, The Descendants, and today we are going to see The Iron Lady.  I went with my Artist, Mr. Adan, to see The Artist.  We will not see them all but it has been a great motivator to get to the theater.  I have also enjoyed living with Sarah Harriet (and believe it or not our other roommate is also named Sarah so we call her Sarah Marie).  I get to see lots of Sarah Harriet and her boyfriend Marcos.  I am Tevis' airport shuttle.  He has travelled all over the world in the last 3 months.  Right now he is in Los Angeles.  Earlier in the month he was in New York and Washington DC and he made me very happy by checking in with my friends Ray and Carole.  Tevis will be back at Google as of March 5 and working with the Asia Pacific team so much more travel is in his future.

The Help:  I am determined to not use the car more than necessary.  As a result, I am asking for help more:  ride-sharing, car-sharing with Sarah Harriet, and so forth.  The weather has been a huge help (although the lack of rain is concerning) for walking and biking.  The scale says I need to step it up.

Today is President's Day in the USA.  It caught me by surprise.  It is written in on my paper calendars from NZ, though without a full-time job a 3 day weekend loses its former luster.  And I am A-Okay with that.