With all of the waiting I have done in the last 6 months:  waiting for the bus, waiting on immigration/FBI, waiting to hear about a job, you might think I would be better at it. I am very thankful that within about a week of making inquiries about employment I had two different job interviews.  I read on-line about the judge's decision to uphold the Legislature's actions to eliminate Redevelopment Agencies.  And I heard that Senator Steinberg's trusty housing consultant left for a political appointment at Health and Human Services.  So I contacted his Chief of Staff and we had coffee.  I am waiting to hear if Kathy can fit me into their staffing plan.   At the same time, a friend told me about an opening for a local government liaison position with Metropolitan Water District's strategic planning unit (the one working on the Delta).  On Thursday I had an interview with Tom Philps and he invited me back for another interview with his boss Roger Patterson.

Both are great opportunities and I am very thankful.  Everything is moving along at a quick pace, really.  It just feels so slow. Meanwhile I am healing from the wrench of leaving New Zealand.  I dream about St Heliers every night.

I am continuing my redesign.  It is actually good to create from Sacramento where I was so physically and mentally challenged.  If I can do it here, then I can do it anywhere.

I am walking all over (with Radar whenever possible).  It is a much bigger challenge to not use the car.  It is 1.5 hour walk round trip to the post office, and 2 hours to church. The transit system in Sacramento has been starved for funding for the last 5 years, so the trains and buses are dirty and they do not go very many places.  There is no discount if you buy a monthly pass (and I will not get started on the horrible kiosks where you can only pay in cash for tickets). They do not have a good system for ensuring that everyone pays and there is very little security.  It is as though management said, "No one (who votes) will ride transit, so we can be indifferent about service, etc."  The reformer in me wants to take it in hand, but no, I cannot let myself get distracted.

Living with Sarah, Radar and Chaplin is a real pleasure.  We are shifting about in her cute house in Tahoe Park.  Sarah's boyfriend Marcos is very skilled at word games.  This is good because we like to play banagrams, words with friends and quiddler.  It is not so good, because he is real competition!  We also play Farkle (which is Zilch or 10,000) which makes a good break because it is entirely a game of luck.  Last week I challenged myself as if I was going to start work Tuesday after Martin Luther King Jr. holiday (this Monday).  I worked on my draft novel, I did some knitting and a lot of reading (Bible, 1,000 Gifts, The Knowledge of the Holy, PG Wodehouse, The Backyard Beekeeper).  I have been organizing my paperwork and started my taxes.  I also have been searching on-line for employment.

The bottom line:  I am ready to work again.  I want to work again.  Please Lord, let me work soon.  It looks like I have at least another week of waiting.