Ode to St Heliers

In my continuing quest to capture as much of my Kiwi experience as possible before I go... here is a video I created to express why I love St Heliers so much.  It is only from the perspective of place, including a tour of the library for Harriet.  It does not touch on people (ever expanding reasons to love St Heliers). This morning I went to Communion Service at St Philips and the batteries were dead in my Flip camera so I still do not have video of my church or the people who I have come to love.

Nyasha preached a sermon from our reading about Mary and Elizabeth (about them sharing their excitement and anticipation of our Lord's birth).  Nyasha talked about discerning God's will and ended the sermon with a prayer for clear direction from God about our path.  Amen sister.

PS  I figured out, finally, how to change the privacy settings on my YouTube videos so you should now be able to go to the Rugby World Cup post and see the video.  (I'm sure you were all terribly disappointed when the link didn't work :)).


Music:  Kiwi artist Annah Mac, Girl in Stilletos