Chicken and Egg

I am making progress toward my goal of immigration.  I passed my medical exam today.  I had some anxiety about it; not based on any facts; just a sense that this was a hurdle that could keep me from my goal.  It was about as likely to be a problem as my criminal background check by the FBI.  The mind does not always regulate itself well, and I have woken up a couple of times in the night with baseless fears. I do not resent the need to take these steps.  Afterall, the health care system is terrific compared with US and many other countries and they do not want people with expensive and serious illnesses to move here just to take advantage.  Similarly, you cannot retire here unless you bring your own medical insurance.  Just as I knew in my waking lucidity:  I am in fine health.  And now my paperwork is signed off.

Next up is my fingerprints.  Just to tell you how uncommon it is to get ones fingerprints taken... I went into the St Heliers Community Policing Station and asked to have my fingerprints taken, much as I went into the Sheriff Substation in Sacramento to do same so I could take my kids on school field trips.  They said they only do this in one location:  at the downtown police station.  And I would need to make an appointment.  And the next appointment was likely to be 4 or 5 weeks away.  All true.  It is actually lovely that they are not as obsessed with security.  You just walk onto a domestic flight (with a ticket of course), and so forth.  Sometimes I wondered about all of the fingerprints taken in the US; does anyone do anything with them really?  Or are they just piled in a back room in the Sheriff Substation?

The really big chicken in this whole chicken and egg immigration business is an offer letter for a job.  As soon as I have that I can submit my work visa application for a 2 year visa.  And during that period I can apply for residency.

I started out looking at a number of work options with detachment.  Options had a way of narrowing themselves down.  While I am still applying to other positions, the most promising job is as a consultant with Synergine.  I went in on Monday and talked with the staff some more and I am excited about the possibilities.  However, until some contracts come through they are not comfortable with making a promise about a job.  Fair enough.

It is funny how I always intended to enjoy my sabbatical through November, but when actually faced with trusting that it will all work out (and on that timeline), I am worried.  It reminds me that faith is not faith if the outcome is definitely known.

I have faith in God that this will all work out.  I am trying to trust and accept that the details may be different than expected.


P.S.  You know you are acclimating to your new culture when you read about the mere possibility that Richie McCaw may miss the All Blacks game against the Wallabies this Sunday and you get sick to your stomach.  He has been playing with a fractured foot.  The talent on the All Blacks is very deep, and it is just rugby. Yeah, right.