Whoop! Whoop! God is great!

Last night I went to bed and felt a rogue wave of fear wash over me.  I tried to figure out the cause and the nearest I could determine it was general anxiety about the job interview today and the fear that I will not find a job and be able to stay in New Zealand.  I got up, drank a glass of water and returned to bed.  I slept soundly and woke up wondering if the anxiety was about the specific company Synergine whose CEO I was meeting with today. I e-mailed a couple of people quickly asking for prayer or for a few words of encouragement.  Connie rightly surmised that its probably anxiety about looking for a job--it has been so long.  The rain stopped just before I stepped out the door and thus began a remarkable day.

First I bumped into Steve the documentary filmmaker that I met last week on the bus.  He is making a film about buskers (street entertainers) during the Rugby World Cup.  He lives in St. Heliers too.  I asked him how his film was going.  He was very excited with lots of great moments of serendipity like meeting Alice Cooper on the street.  He asked me why I was going downtown and I told him about my job interview.  We had a great conversation and parted ways at the Britomart transit centre.

My train was on time and dropped me a short distance from the Synergine office.  I had a flat white coffee while waiting for my friend Kris to go with me to lunch and help with any last minute briefing before meeting with Jim Bentley the CEO.  We ate the best asian food and I felt much more confident by the time we walked back.

I had another hour before my meeting, so I ordered a DECAF flat white and practiced being in the present moment.  Sarah C. helped me select my interview outfit and I felt prepared.  I headed up the stairs to my meeting.  Jim was very friendly and pre-disposed to find me capable, thanks to Kris.  I knew they did not have an opening so I was planning to ask if he thought I would fit into the organization and how we might continue the conversation.  We ended with him affirming that he could use my skills and experience but that he needed more time to figure out just where I might fit.  I explained my timeline with the tourist visa and need to apply for a work visa.  He is very busy with a transportation project that takes him to Wellington 3 days a week, so he charged Kris with keeping us in touch and making sure we met the timeline if possible.

I left feeling very positive and impressed with the company.  They do really interesting strategic consulting for the government with a formal relationship with Auckland University.  Check out their values at www.synergine.co.nz.  What's not to like?

I debriefed with Kris, called Sarah C. to say her prayers were effective, and walked to a second-hand and new bike shop in Mt. Eden.  Then I hopped on the bus and started home.  By the time I got home, there was already an e-mail from Kris, and then a phone call.  It seems that shortly after I left the office they got a call from a firm that wants to partner in responding to a tender (request for proposals) for projects related to accelerating agricultural irrigation.  Jim and others looked at each other and said, "we just had a woman from California in our office with experience in those areas."  So I am going in tomorrow morning to help fill in my section of the proposal before I get on the plane for Nelson and the rugby match.

There are no guarantees that they will win the bid, but isn't God creative, clever and good?  His timing is magnificent.

I was giddy with gratitude and daylight savings meant that it was 6:30 and still very light out, so I threw on my shoes and headed to Achilles Point.  I have been feeling like God and I are waltzing--today it feels like a fecking ceilidhs (big Irish dance party).  I stopped and watched the last hour of the day from various points along the way.  Maybe I will be able to stay here.  Maybe I will have challenging, interesting work that uses my range of skills and experience.  Whoop!  Whoop!  God served up a big scoop of hope today.  I sang quietly to myself "How Great Thou Art" and then headed to the village.

Oh no, my day is not over yet.  I decided to stop at the kebab place for some hot food.  The sun may have come out but it is still cool.  I placed my order and the woman waiting for her to-go order and I got into conversation.  She is from Toronto via London.  She and her family have been living here six years.  And the short version is I am going to her house on Sunday afternoon to watch the All Blacks mop the floor with the Canadians.  Go North America!

Then the kebab store owner and his wife started chatting with me.  They are Kurds from Iran and moved here in 2004 after a harrowing journey by his father.  He came to New Zealand by water--100 days at sea. Okay, so no complaints about my 12 flight from San Francisco!  Now I head for home with my feet barely touching the ground.  I had to share it.  It is not like this everyday, but it was like this today.