St. Heliers Vignettes

Lots of pleasant surprises living in St. Heliers... Visited the Presbyterian Church just up the road from my home. They say in their community advertizing that they are about "Reaching Out and Welcoming In." True enough. Lovely greeter at the door grabs my hand in both of hers and introduces herself. Upon learning I have just moved from California she rushes over to introduce me to one of the co-pastors. "This is Irene from California." I gently correct her and she is terribly embarrassed. Later in the service we pray for the people in the path of Hurricane Irene and I realize how she made the mental slip.

There is a bench about half way to Achilles Point that says "Take time to just sit." So I do. Yesterday I watched as a paddleboarder designed his own workout in the bay. He paddled like mad against the incoming tide and then let the natural pull bring him back towards shore. Repeating over and over until he got the exercise and fun he needed.

Went to Moreton's to have lunch and sign up for the loyalty card, which will assure me the latest news on the Rugby World Cup viewing at their establishment. Went to use the toilet and had a moment of confusion. The first door said "D" and had a wheelchair sign on it. The next door said "F" and the third door said "M". I thought "D, dudes?" when a big guy comes out of the one marked M. Oh, I get it now.

The library in St. Heliers is not a quiet place. It is 9:45 a.m. and every computer is in use, there are heaps of children and mums in the kiddies section. And there are at least half dozen librarians! (or more) for a library the size of half of the Carmichael library. Lovely to see such a priority on community resources.