Practicing Thankfulness

It must sound strange that I need to practice being thankful, afterall I am fulfilling my dream of living abroad.  Nonetheless on my third wake-up in Auckland, I found myself needing to remind myself that I chose to be here and that there is much reason to be glad.  The sun was shining again today in Auckland.  When I stopped for lunch in Kohimarama I did not need my jacket and I did need my sunglasses for the glare coming off the bay.  I have a loving family--the Crangs (Joanne, Vaughn, Aaron and Nathan)--plus Jill and Graham--willing to help in any way.  I have enough money that I do not need panic about the higher prices for just about everything.  And a really great cup of coffee is available everywhere. What I don't have YET is a few kindred spirits, a place to live or a job.  I know, I know, it's only been four days.  So I am spending some time getting to know the driven person inside me who thinks redesigning my life is a race.  I want to have it all figured out as soon as possible and this internal pressure may not serve me well.

I am beginning to realize how this move makes changing my routines much easier.  For example, I cannot get up early every morning and make a pot of decaf coffee from the fresh beans I grind.  Instead I get up after I hear the boys downstairs and then I shower and dress.  Only then do I go downstairs to make a cup of instant coffee.  And when I do have my own place I need to choose my new habits carefully because once established they take more work to change. 

I have a busy weekend ahead.  I am viewing a possible flat in St. Hilliers, going to a quiz night, checking out the Friends Meeting in Mt. Eden, and meeting up with a California connection for dinner.  I will also find some time to rest.  Although, I have noticed that I already feel better.  I have not been achey all over since the move, nor have I experienced headaches.  I am still adjusting to the timezone and so it is 7:30 p.m. and I am getting sleepy.  This is when I miss my family, friends, Radar and Chaplin the most.  Love you all more than you will ever know.