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Desperately Seeking Focus: Or Going Bat*h%! Crazy!

I moved this month. Just about 15 miles from West Davis to Midtown Sacramento and yet my mental maps are are jumbled and my routines disrupted. It is good to shake it up and I like it except when I am shaken! I have not written much in 3 weeks and everyday I say, "Today is going to be a productive day." Except that it is has not been. I do not have a writing block so much as a loss of concentration.

For example, there are lots of things to write about if one pays attention. Just in the last 3 days I had a serious of bat encounters. First at a meeting, this interloper thought he would participate in our discussions of the Yolo Bypass.

acob Katz caught the bat in his hat and then probably scared the bat by bringing it in to show us.

Then I noticed the title of the new detective mystery I am reading is The Bat by Jo Nesbo. He is an Oslo police detective but this murder takes place in Sydney.

Read about Jo Nesbo's first Harry Hole novel set in Sydney on Adventures of American Julie.

The third bat point is from my dog Lulu. She made two new friends at the outskirts of the farmer's market in our new neighborhood. She won over the affections of Dory and Batman, two dachshund hounds. Batman is a very handsome dog.

This illustrates the main thing about writing: the discipline comes first and then the art. From discipline flows art or at least the opportunity for art. Glad to be back in the writing chair.

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You can read more about Jo Nesbo's book and Sydney, Australia on Adventures of American Julie.