The Seven Good Years

Wish I Could Write Like Etgar Keret

I just finished The Seven Good Years: A Memoir by Etgar Keret. It was a pleasure to read. I may reread one of the short essays each time I sit down to write. It is a wonderful reminder that clean, simple prose can be as compelling as convoluted sentences laden with adjectives. 

I discovered Keret as an author very recently from his interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air. (August 5, 2016 podcast). Definitely worth a listen.

One of the most unexpected stories was about a Polish architect building him a house in-between two buildings--a scant 47 inches wide. It is one of life's funny mysteries that this architect was inspired by Keret's writing to create a house at the location where his mother smuggled food into the Jewish ghetto during Nazi occupation. And by naming it the Keret House ensured their family name would not be wiped from Polish history afterall.