Storyline Conference

Making Moments with Carlos Whittaker

I was texting my daughter from the Storyline Conference in Chicago and she asked if I went to Carlos Whittaker's workshop, Making Moments. Sarah Harriet follows him on Instagram and is a fan. Alas, she plugged him too late. I had already missed his workshop. Instead I stalked the book table hoping to buy his book Moment Maker. The plan was to get him to sign it for Sarah. Finally, mission accomplished and he handed my camera to someone else so I could be in the picture too.

At Storyline Conference meeting Carlos Whittaker

That afternoon and next morning I carefully read the book so I could give it to my daughter when I got home. It is very inspiring as Carlos is willing to take risks and, as a result, has enjoyed some amazing moments in his life. He lives with an open heart and it fills his life full of adventure.

In addition to Instagram (LosWhit) he has a blog, Ragamuffin Soul. He is a worship leader and writes and records worship songs. He is a devoted father and husband and many of his moments are inspired by his love for his family.

He also shares the potential humiliation that can follow when you wear your heart on your sleeve and do not think your moment making through. These make for great laugh-at-myself-later moments.

Check out tweets @loswhit, cd Ragamuffin Soul, and Facebook page Carlos Whittaker.