Read Ross Poldark, Watch Poldark on PBS.org

Aidan Turner Poldark.jpg

I missed the first Poldark BBC production and was not sure if I would watch this one. But 5 minutes in and I was hooked. Aiden Turner is certainly the primary reason. Easy on the eyes with a wide range of emotion. He is mesmerizing--even when he is not swinging a scythe. 

I am miserable when the Masterpiece series is spread out over several weeks. In college I got hooked on the first BBC production of Pride and Prejudice and I went to the USC college library and checked out P&P. I read the book as quickly as possible to know the ending. Within a few weeks I read all of Jane Austen. Similarly I ordered the first two of Winston Graham's books in the Poldark series. 

Ross Poldark is the source material for the television production Poldark. I ordered the book from my neighborhood store Time Tested Books. I devoured it over the weekend. I must say that I like the Ross in the book better than the Heathcliff inspired television version. Ross in the book laughed and smiled more. 

Then I watched episode 3 and my objections dissolved. Aiden Turner is just so wonderful to watch. There are also many of my favorite stock British actors giving their usual strong performances.

The second book is Demelza for Ross' wife ne kitchen wench.  I skimmed it as it will be the basis of season 2 and I will reread it when the next installment of Poldark comes out from Masterpiece. I must say I much prefer Winston Graham's writing style to Diana Gabaldan's Outlander series. I also prefer the more PG-13 Masterpiece presentation to STARZ soft porn.

Final note: the podcast Satellite Sisters does a super fun recap of Poldark each Tuesday, which they call "Pol Dark and Handsome." Please listen in a place where you can laugh out loud.