On Being

On Being Just Right for Quiet Time

I am enjoying the quiet time that is possible between Christmas and New Years. You can fill it up if you want to with movies and shopping and dining. If that is something you find a hard time making time for in your life then enjoy. I crave quiet and big unscheduled blocks of time. 

So many people take time off from work between Christmas and New Years that I am able to enjoy my work at my own pace. And listen to podcasts. 

My friend Gigi Johnson shared her enjoyment of On Being and now I love it too. There are so many good topics discussed that you will be sure to find something that floats your boat. I also love it because I am reading Caring for Words in a Culture of Lies by Marilyn Chandler McEntyre. It convicted me about my tendency to use hyperbole in my enthusiasm. It also has awakened my heart to good language. Krista Tippett is respectful of language and careful in choosing guests and topics. Check it out online or on Stitcher. 

Rob Bell's Podcast Inspires Sometimes

Rob Bell

Rob Bell

I started listening to Rob Bell's podcast in January. It is hit and miss. Sometimes I find myself tuning it out as Rob gabs on and on. He is best when he interviews someone. The guests are from varied perspectives--entertainment, theology, art, and more.

I am listening to his April 25, 2016* podcast with Krista Tippett. I have featured her on this blog before because I love her podcast On Being. She has a new book, Becoming Wise. I have ordered it but I have not read her book yet. She has a new podcast to accompany it. Both of her podcasts are available on Stitcher. 

I have only found Rob Bell's RobCast on https://robbell.com. Sometimes I am frustrated listening to it because Rob Bell sometimes gets in the way of the guest, or goes on and on about himself. I guess a lot of people like him so much, they like these episodes. I find them annoying and find Rob Bell comes off as precocious. 

He is best when he interviews Elizabeth Gilbert--except for the excess giggling. The interview with Krista Tippett is solid. Look at the guests on the website and dive into the one that looks most promising to you.

*I realize this appears as though I am writing about the future. This blog was actually completed in April 2016 but I cannot figure out how to change the publication date! Uffda SquareSpace.