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I opened the e-mail from Michael Hyatt asking me to check out Jeff Walker's video on launching new products. One of my clients, Bay Delta Live, is getting ready for a public launch in February so it was timely.  I watched all four videos and gleaned lots of good ideas for our upcoming launch. Jeff takes tried and true marketing strategies and applies them to the new technology available on the internet. He calls his product The Product Launch Formula. There is just 13 hours left to sign up for his latest workshop series.  Check it out if you are interested.

Jeff Walker

Michael Hyatt is a Prolific Writer

Author and coach Michael Hyatt

Chris Guillebeau and Jon Acuff recommend identifying people in your field whose work you admire and follow them so you can find inspiration and learn from them. Several times Michael Hyatt was mentioned in a list of admirable bloggers. I checked out his web site and it is impressive.

He offers a This is Your Life podcast, a blog, publications, keynote speaking, and conferences. In a blog post called "Pick My Brain" he wrote:

Here are seven ways you can get access to me. These are arranged from least expensive to most expensive.

  1. Search my site. I have written more than 1,400 blog posts on this site. Chances are, I have already addressed your question or issue. Just use the search box in the upper right-hand corner of this page. My weekly podcasts are another free resource.
  2. Subscribe to my updates. I currently publish two new blog posts a week, along with a new podcast. I write on self-development, leadership, productivity, platform-building, and publishing. By subscribing, you’ll never miss a post. Learn more …
  3. Buy one of my products. You can find them all in my store. They represent my best thinking on various topics, including platform-building, publishing, public speaking, and more. I have several other products in development. Learn more …
  4. Join Platform University. This is my members-only site, designed to give you the inspiration, training, and resources you need to take your platform to the next level. The community forums are my favorite feature. I personally participate in them. Learn more …
  5. Come to one of my conferences. I host three different conferences a year, along with my business partner, Ken Davis. They are designed for public speakers and platform builders. These are a great place to connect with me personally. Learn more …
  6. Book me as a speaker. I have been speaking publicly for more than 25 years and have keynoted hundreds of events. I currently do a limited number of speeches each year for corporations, conferences, and trade associations. Learn more …
  7. Hire me as a coach or consultant. I love coaching and consulting, but I have limited time available for it. Therefore, I am very selective. I also charge crazy-high fees. But if you think you could benefit from one-on-one interaction with me, send me an e-mail.

Not sure how he has time to produce all of these products--even with help. I subscribed to his email and the deluge began. I am impressed with his productions schedule.

After listening to a number of podcasts and reading a number of blogs, I am underwhelmed with the quality. The ideas are not very original and the headlines often do not seem to align with the content. There is a lot of functionality on the website though. And he must have a very strong work ethic.