Meg Wolitzer

Revisiting Remington Steele

Stephanie Zimbalist and Pierce Brosnan

Good 'ol Netflix. You can find a lot of movies and television shows that you remember enjoying. Sometimes they continue to entertain and sometimes they do not measure up to your fond memories. In the early 1980s when I was studying at University of Southern California, I regularly watched Remington Steele on television.

As a long time mystery fan, I liked the witty banter and the weekly whodunits, and of course Pierce Brosnan. This was his breakout roll. (A couple of years later Bruce Willis became popular in a similar detective series, Moonlighting.)

They sometimes filmed on campus and on several occasions I "studied" near the set. One of my friends brazenly knocked on Pierce's trailer door to say "hi". I also discovered how very tedious the process of making a television show or movie can be.

I recently rewatched a couple of episodes from the first season. Maybe it is all the Sue Grafton novels, but in 2014 it is hard to swallow the female detective who cannot land a job in a "man's" field.  It did not seem far-fetched at the time, so YEAH! for social progress. Storytelling has sped up and become more complicated in the last 30 years. We expect more to happen in 45 minutes and it makes Remington Steele feel a bit ploddy.

I only watched 2 of the 4 episodes on the disk. I would rather be reading Meg Wolitzer's The Interestings.