Laurie R. King

4 Visions of Sherlock Holmes


I enjoy almost all things Sherlock Holmes. The creme de la creme is the Benedict Cumberbatch version of Sherlock. Alas the next new episode is not scheduled until mid-2016. In the meantime I have been sampling other Sherlock interpretations.

There is the CBS television series Elementary. I like the actors and it is well written. It is not as brilliantly plotted as the PBS version. After 3 seasons I am tiring of it.

Another approach is to introduce new characters. Another PBS production, Arthur and George, focuses on Sir Arthur Canon Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, as a detective. I watched it on-line and found it very dark. Literally dark, as in hard to see. And unnecessarily convoluted. It did not satisfy.

Another recent discovery is the Mary Russell mystery novel series by Laurie R. King. She has created a character who meets a retired Sherlock Holmes as a 15 year old and becomes his apprentice. Mary has a similarly brilliant mind. There are a great many books in the series and I have only read 3 so far. My mom has read all of them and cannot wait until Ms. King writes another one.  

What Are You Reading?

I have been on a book buying splurge since my recent visit to Powell's. I have read quite a few non-fiction and fiction books and yet I still have piles all around my computer. I am doing my best to pass books I have finished to others who will enjoy them or to the used bookstore. 

At the same time, I sent a copy of You're The Best by the Satellite Sisters to my satellite sister Carole. Surprise! She had the same idea and she sent me a copy! Very fun. 

I just finished Creativity Inc. by Ed Catmull with Amy Wallace.  I write more about this on Leader's Compass blog. I recommend this for people who are interested in how to create positive work cultures, and for anyone who enjoys Pixar animated movies, so that is everyone. 

I completed the fourth Mary Russell mystery, so number 5 O Jerusalem is next by Laurie R. King. I also have read more than half of Nadia Bolz-Weber's Accidental Saints. I really appreciate this perspective on following Christ. 

I am also enjoying more poetry, especially Billy Collins.

I also like gifting books. I am on my way to a baby shower and it is the Chinese Year of the Monkey, so I am giving the new mom Curious George and other monkey related books.

What are you reading? What have you given as a gift?