Iowa State Fair

State Fair Nostalgia Celebrates Summer

Netflix recommended the 1945 version of State Fair and I clicked through. My Iowa cousin John had shared on Facebook that is was not a good day for going to the Iowa State Fair due to weather. I had heard lots of positive stories about the "best State Fair in the USA" from Iowans while on RAGBRAI. 

The actual words to the opening song is more Iowa humble, "My state fair is the best state fair in the state." How much competition is there in Iowa--do they have more than one state fair?? 

The movie is super charming. Margy is adorable and escapes a life of boredom with her unofficial fiance for a rogue of a Des Moines Register reporter. Apparently his new job as a columnist for a new Chicago paper is a metaphor for a player ready to grow up and settle down. Pretty funny. The son, Wayne, looks very old for a recent college graduate, but then his love interest at the Fair looks kind of old for him.

The parents subplots are charming--involving mincemeat and a senior boar. 

I have been to the California State Fair many, many times and I do not remember as much love in the air as in this portrayal of the Iowa State Fair. Even Blue Boy (the Hampshire Boar) has a romance!

It is fun and a great way to celebrate the last days of summer.