Cairo Time

A little more like Juliette

Cairo Time

When I was in the CTI Co-Active Leadership program we did an exercise created by Henry House where we typed one another by our dominant energy type. We all have these energies: charm, sex, beauty, danger, humor, eccentric, and intelligence. One is generally strongest and we lead best when we lead from this energy type. First we went through a list of words and determined as a group those that most applied to one another. Capable was the word that got the most votes for me. I was not surprised. It is one of my strengths and a stumbling block when working with others. Eventually I was typed as intelligence energy with beauty as a secondary type.

The second part surprised me. Beauty energy is not about outer physical beauty. It has more to do with attributes that draw people toward you and may be expressed as queenly or remote or ethereal or down-to-earth. My beauty energy is more earthy.

It has been about 5 years since my leadership training and I am still working out how to optimize my energy type and lean in on my beauty energy.

Cairo chess

Recently I rewatched Cairo Time on Netflix. The heroine's name is Juliette and she is strong and beautiful and graceful and smart. Patricia Clarkson's portrayal of Juliette epitomizes beauty energy. And as I watched it for a second time that week, I thought I want to be more like Juliette.