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Struggling with Focus on Writer's Retreat

snapping fingers

I have committed a significant chunk of time and money to create an envelope for writing.  I am excited to progress on several projects already underway. I drove 6 hours to Trinidad, California on Christmas Day so I could maximize my time. And I have not accomplished anything in the last two days.

I returned to an open internet page on my computer from Writer's Digest blog. A guest blogger, Danie Ware, explains how she makes "snap writing" work for her busy schedule. My problem is focus; however, these words got my attention: "DON’T get into a routine. Don’t fall into a habit. Don’t fall victim to your own behavior patterns – you can only write with a coffee, with a biscuit, at 4pm, at your desk, with your cat on your lap and your favorite music…"  Love this advice since I hate routine. Check out her post for other good advice.

I also remember the advice from Bicycling magazine to set small goals and build in rewards when met. My challenge is getting started and feeling overwhelmed with all I want to accomplish. I need to chip, chip, chip away at my goals and stop thinking I have failed  if I do not write all day.

My plan is to identify the projects that if finished will give the greatest satisfaction. Then I will break those into pieces and write, write, write, and reward myself when I have earned it.  I will report back on January 3 and let you know how well this plan worked.