Amused by Comedians in Cars

I read about President Obama's appearance on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Hosted by Jerry Seinfeld, it is just what it says: 2 or more comedians going in a car to a restaurant to have coffee and talk. The President's show will not air until December 30, so in the meantime I am watching older episodes on my computer. 

Dreyfuss and Seinfeld.jpeg

I love learning about comedy, especially stand-up. I also enjoy seeing a more thoughtful and personal side of some of my favorite comedians. The cars are different for every guest and it is intriguing how Seinfeld matches the car to the guest's personality. 

Two of my favorite episodes are with Julia Louis-Dreyfuss and with Sarah Jessica Parker. Check it out.

Postscript: I tagged it Television but actually you can only see it on the internet for free. There is "product placement" for the sponsor Acura.