Wayward Inspiring in Multiple Ways

I bought Wayward, a slim collection of travel blogs by Tom Gates, inspires in a couple of ways. First, the obvious, it makes me want to travel even more. Although a few of the essays from Asia or Pacific Islands remind me why I like to spend a little more on hotels when I travel. 

I like his snarky, less-is-more style. The narrative is raw at times, and so is travel. He has had numerous careers and his travel writing career started with the Matador Network. Matador has a lot of great articles and resources on their website. 

I am passing this book on to my son's friend Liz who is embarking on a year of travel (coincidentally starting on my birthday). 

I also find the style of publication interesting from an independent publisher point of view. I found this book in Powell's travel section. It can also be downloaded in Kindle.