2 Mysterioso Presents for the Holidays

The Silkworm

I downloaded Cuckoo's Calling over a year ago. Without opening it, it got lost in the shuffle and I forgot about it. Then I was hungry for new fiction to read. I went to my favorite local bookstore, Avid Reader, and saw Cuckoo's Calling in paperback. I remembered that I already owned it. I cracked it open and then devoured it. Wow! How can Robert Galbraith/JK Rowling be so damn good? I love the main character Cormoran Strike and his assistant Robin. I loved the storyline and how there is just enough gore without reveling in it. I also like the pace. Instead of rushing through like the "24" clock is running, it unspools the way it would if a real private eye is working the case and this allows for more character development. 

When I finished Cuckoo's Calling and Amazon Kindle asked me to rate it and informed me there is a second book, The Silkworm. Without hesitation I downloaded the second book. I took a few hours break to digest the first book. Now I am in the midst of the second mystery and it is just as satisfying.

I hope Robert Galbraith writes at least one mystery a year because I like this detective with his strengths and warts. I also like reading a novel set in London.

If you have a family member or friend on your gift list that has not yet discovered these mystery novels--they make great gifts. You can give e-book gifts too through Amazon.