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Adventures of American Julie

The Adventures of American Julie blog captures the thrills and chills of traveling mostly solo. 

Bay Delta Tourist

Discover the possibilities that await a Bay Delta Tourist in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.    

photo by Eric Bégin,  some rights reserved.  

photo by Eric Bégin, some rights reserved. 

Redesigning 49

Redesigning49 chronicled Julie Spezia's life redesign as she left her nonprofit career and moved to New Zealand and back to the USA. This is an archive hosted by On Your Radar Media Company and is not an active blog. 

On Your Radar Media Company

Musings on media of all kinds: books, websites, movies, television programs and more.                   

  The Leader's Compass

The Leader's Compass is one leader's reflection on leadership and applying it to life's Q3.  




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       A Cycling Adventure:            Otago Central Rail Trail           

      A Cycling Adventure:      Otago Central Rail Trail   with Delta Feature

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   Midtown Sacramento Bike          Rack Scavenger Hunt:                 

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J.A. Pieper

JA Pieper is an experienced world traveler who writes the Adventures of American Julie travel blog (http://americanjulie.com). Her travel experiences include short-term missions, Habitat for Humanity Global Village builds, international conferences and personal travel. She has been to every continent, save Antarctica—and that is high on her list. She frequently travels alone and understands the special challenges and advantages of solo travel.